Caring for Your Dentures: Valuable Tips from your Groton Dentist

When a tooth or a few teeth are lost, it is a must that they be replaced by any of the prosthetic options available in order for the patient to continue to enjoy the function and aesthetics that their teeth provides. When you see a Groton dentist for the purpose of having dentures made, know that [...]

2017-12-31T09:47:31+00:00June 6th, 2013|Dentures|

Design Principles Involved in the Design of Dentures

When a tooth or a few teeth are lost, it is important that they be replaced so that aesthetic and function can be restored immediately. The mouth and the teeth are very essential for every person because it serves very important functions and when any of these are compromised, the patient suffers the consequence. Removable [...]

2017-12-31T09:47:31+00:00April 4th, 2013|Dentures|
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