Tooth Extraction

Say Goodbye to Tooth Pain

You and your trusted dentist, Dr. Ali may decide that you need to have a tooth extraction if your tooth is beyond restore.

A tooth can be extracted if it is severely decayed, or if it has signs that it has suffered the effects of periodontitis – an advanced case of gum disease. Some teeth need to be extracted because they have broken in a fashion that makes it impossible to repair them.

Other times a tooth extraction may be needed when a tooth is positioned in the mouth inappropriately, such as an impacted wisdom tooth, or else in preparation for orthodontic braces.

Tooth Extraction Groton NY

Tooth ExtractionDuring the examination of your teeth and mouth it is possible that your Groton dentist will recommend to you other alternative treatments instead of just having a tooth extraction. While having a tooth extracted may be less expensive than the other options proposed it may not be the least expensive in the long run.

When a tooth is missing its neighboring teeth will tend to shift, possibly significantly. Any alignment changes that occur can have a major impact on your dental health. Removing even a single tooth can lead to problems associated with your chewing ability or jaw joint function.

Teeth whose alignment has changed can trap food or be hard to clean thoroughly, thus placing them at risk for tooth decay or gum disease.

So to avoid these complications, in most cases your trusted Groton dentist will probably recommend to you that you replace the tooth that has been extracted. Replacing a tooth that has been extracted with an artificial one can easily cost more than the alternative of not having a tooth extraction and instead rebuild the tooth.

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