Caring for Your Dentures: Valuable Tips from your Groton Dentist

When a tooth or a few teeth are lost, it is a must that they be replaced by any of the prosthetic options available in order for the patient to continue to enjoy the function and aesthetics that their teeth provides. When you see a Groton dentist for the purpose of having dentures made, know that [...]

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Why Composite Tooth Fillings are the Best Choice

When a tooth becomes infected by bacteria, a cavity is formed. The infection will spread to the deeper layers of the teeth, and it will continue to spread until the progression is halted. Disease progression is effectively halted with tooth fillings. In this procedure, the diseased tissue is removed and the tooth is cleansed. After [...]

2017-12-31T09:47:31+00:00May 14th, 2013|Tooth Fillings|

Are Dentists in the Practice of General Dentistry of Lesser Caliber?

When an individual aspires to become a dentist, he is required to attend school to earn a degree. Depending on the country, Dentistry can be around 4 to 6 years, after which he earns a certification and the title of Doctor. To become a practising dentist, the individual will have to take the licensure examinations [...]

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Choosing Between Different Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is a prosthetic and cosmetic consideration that a patient can choose to receive, after they have lost a tooth or a few teeth. Instead of getting a removable denture whose retentive properties are not at all reliable, dental bridges can be prescribed so that the function of the mouth can be effectively [...]

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